Shine Bright is funded by the Scottish Government and will be running till 2021. The project aims to improve the oral health and the quality of life of ME people including infants, young people, individuals and families based in the Glasgow area.

Encourage families to change long term behavior throughout increasing the awareness of services available by local groups.

Main Aims of Project

The Shine Bright project aims to increase knowledge and good oral practice within the ethnic minority communities by providing:

  • Information and advice

  • Health related advocacy support

  • Activities for children and families

  • Provide linguistic support

Target Communities

Minority Ethnic individuals and communities, including infants, young people and families, within the Glasgow area.

Some of our work

Post Lockdown

Post lockdown Shine Bright was unable to deliver workshops and meet members face to face, therefore the project is now delivering our services through Zoom, YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Viber.

Shine Bright would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support. Please use the following platforms to connect with the project.

Shine Bright has stayed in touch by posting various posts on Facebook. Please like and follow their page.

Shine Bright Facebook Page

Shine Bright has created a YouTube channel that features fun videos on good oral hygiene and healthy sugar-free recipes. Please like and subscribe to their channel.

Shine Bright YouTube Channel

Shine Bright has created a WhatsApp group to stay in touch and connect with members. The group discusses oral and general health topics.

Shine Bright WhatsApp Group Portal

Shine Bright has created a Viber group to stay in touch and connect with members.

Please SMS Manal on 07497188236.


To continue raising awareness, Shine Bright has opted to produce a fortnightly newsletter to help raise awareness of the importance of good oral health practice and the risks associated with poor oral health. Since April 2020, the project has produced more than 15 newsletters that have been distributed to 62 affiliated members and posted on Shine Bright’s social media platforms.

Participant Feedback

“Shine Bright Project has increased my understanding of oral health, I am more aware of hidden sugar and healthy food.”
Mrs S K
“The ‘My Teeth Brushing Chart’ has been very helpful with my kid’s routine and made it a fun activity and reminded them to brush their teeth. We have stuck the chart on their bedroom doors.”
Mrs J M
“I am so glad to have found Shine Bright Project, I have difficulty understanding and speaking in English and having someone explain to me in my language has given me a great insight into what it means by Oral health and hygiene. The picture diagrams the project proved me with and the diary is a great way to get my children to practice good oral hygiene and makes it fun for the whole family. Thank you Shine Bright.”
“I really appreciate the service of this project. They are professional and helpful.”
“I am thankful for Shine Bright project for helping me to register with a dentist.”
Mrs H A
“I am happy to be a part of the Shine Bright Project; I have learned a lot, thanks.”
Mrs M A
“I am so happy to be a part of the Shine Bright Project. I was very upset and scared after my filling fell out and when I was not able to get through to emergency services I panicked and became very anxious. I wasn’t able to think straight with the pain and discomfort. Shine Bright kindly contacted my local pharmacist and took the advice. This had reassured me and when I visited the pharmacist I had taken my full list of prescriptions which helped the pharmacist give me a relevant painkiller. I cannot thank Shine Bright enough for the help and support. Thank you, Shine Bright.”

Funded By

Project Staff

Dr. Manal Eshelli
Dr. Manal EshelliProject Coordinator
Work Mobile:
07497 188236
Rabeea Qureshi
Rabeea QureshiProject Support Worker
Work Mobile:
07377 572674
Khadiga Abdelwahab
Khadiga AbdelwahabVolunteer