The project is to increase knowledge, appreciation and enjoyment of the historic environment by minority ethnic communities in Scotland. That the minority ethnic communities are more aware of open events being held by the Historic Environment of Scotland. Additionally, Historic Environment Scotland and other heritage based projects have an increased understanding and opportunities to inter-trade with minority ethnic communities across Scotland. The wider communities and historic sector are aware of the positive benefits of the project.

Our main focus for delivery in 2020-2021 includes:

  • Community led organisations are more aware of opportunities within the heritage sector and are making links for future participation

  • Minority ethnic led organisations, particularly underrepresented in the heritage sector, are engaging with key stakeholders to identify partnership working and project delivery

  • Minority ethnic led organisations are building their capacity to design and deliver historic environment projects

Main Aims of Project

Roots Scotland project aims to increase minority ethnic communities’ knowledge, appreciation and enjoyment of the historic environment of Scotland by:

  • Historic Site Visits

  • Bulletins raising awareness of historical events in Scotland

  • Community integration and participation in historical workshops and presentation

  • Roots Scotland Community to share heritage experiences

Target Communities

Minority Ethnic Communities In Scotland

Roots Scotland Background

Roots Scotland project has been funded by Historic Environment Scotland since 2011. Since then, the project has introduced a number of activities, workshops, and exhibitions to the wider minority ethnic communities across Scotland. Examples of these include The Roots Scotland Exhibition in 2017, Our delivery with Scotland’s Urban Past in 2018 included participation in their Past Forward Exhibition. We have funded and supported community groups in applying for grants within the heritage sector and have made links with a number of heritage sector organisations who have now linked with minority ethnic groups to deliver heritage focused projects and activities.


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