The Minority Ethnic Human Rights Project (MEHRP) provides bespoke activities and services to disadvantaged minority ethnic communities in the West of Scotland across the following five strands: 

  1. Equality and Human Rights

  2. Advice and Information to Central and Eastern European Communities 

  3. Civic Participation for Women 

  4. Employability and Training in Renfrewshire 

  5. COVID 19 Advocacy Response 

Main Aims of Project

Our work through MEHRP contributes to the following outcomes: 

  • People have greater awareness of their human rights and how to access them  

  • People with protected characteristics have increased access to remedy where their rights have not been upheld  

  • People with protected characteristics have increased participation in public life  

  • People with protected characteristics have increased influence in decisions that affect them  

  • The Scottish Government has better access to data and depth of information about the experiences of people with protected characteristics 

Target Audience

MEHRP is primarily aimed at diverse minority ethnic communities across the west of Scotland, with a particular focus on communities residing in Glasgow, Renfrewshire, and North Lanarkshire. 

The project also works in partnership with – and provides training for – organisations across the voluntary and public sectors. 

What We Do

Equality and Human Rights 

This strand includes: 

  • an advice and information service, which service users can access through individual appointments or adult education group work 

  • training to organisations so that they can support people to become aware of, access and uphold their rights and protections 

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Advice and Information to Central and Eastern European Communities 

This strand includes: 

  • advice and Information surgeries around EU exit and other financial rights and attainments including welfare, housing and EU settlement 

  • information events on the impact of EU Exit and other support areas such as employment and democratic rights, education attainment and welfare and benefits 

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Civic Participation for Women 

This strand includes: 

  • training and capacity building to actively join civic participation structures such as education boards, equality and diversity groups, community planning councils 

  • training for public and other mainstream service organisations on how to successfully include marginalised equality groups within their decision-making process 


Employability and Training in Renfrewshire 

This strand includes: 

  • employability pathways support including modern apprenticeships, work placements, volunteering, education and paid employment through one-to-one support and group training 

  • community cafés to introduce potential employers to individuals for work placement opportunities 


COVID 19 Advocacy Response 

This strand includes: 

  • one to one surgeries providing advice and information on financial rights, mental health and wellbeing, completing online forms, including the provision of bi-lingual support and signposting to mainstream services 

  • conversation and activity classes to reduce social isolation for individuals and families, covering mental health and wellbeing and integration back into society after long periods of social isolation 

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Project Staff

Ben Williams
Ben WilliamsProject Coordinator
Equality and Human Rights
Mira Waligora
Mira WaligoraProject Coordinator
Advice and Information to Central and Eastern European Communities
Bushra Iqbal
Bushra IqbalProject Coordinator
Civic Participation for Women
Johannes Gonani
Johannes GonaniProject Coordinator
Employability and Training in Renfrewshire
Dr. Manal Eshelli
Dr. Manal EshelliProject Coordinator
COVID 19 Advocacy Response