GCRP has been focusing on capacity building minority ethnic groups and individuals in Renfrewshire and Inverclyde

Main Aims of Projects

GCRP Renfrewshire project aims to increase the visibility and participation of minority ethnic communities in local civic life in Renfrewshire by

  • Raising awareness to public and voluntary service provider personnel on mainstreaming equalities for minority identities.

  • Representation of minorities at strategic level.

  • Supporting minority led groups to research, plan and obtain resources.

  • Provide opportunities for dialogue between minority ethnic individuals, local public and voluntary service providers through information events.

Target Communities

Minority Ethnic communities in Renfrewshire and service providers

Some of our work

Funded By

The GCRP Renfrewshire project is funded by the Scottish Government. As the diversity and size of minority communities increased in Renfrewshire, there has been a need for support services to develop opportunities for minority communities in Renfrewshire to engage with services and with local communities. GCRP has gathered significant evidence that support is not only needed to address the concerns of the communities but to empower these communities to set up their own representative structures. The project has been funded for one year and funding ends in March 2016.

Project Staff

Johannes Gonani
Johannes GonaniProject Coordinator
Dr. Manal Eshelli
Dr. Manal EshelliProject Support Worker