We provide training and advice on using the equality duty as an approach to mainstreaming anti-sectarianism so that it is:

“treated routinely alongside other equalities, good relations and human rights issues.”

Main Aims of Project

The project aims to:

  • Increase understanding of the effectiveness of different interventions;

  • Increase awareness and understanding of sectarianism and its effects;

  • Increase opportunities for people to express their feelings, opinions and experiences about sectarianism.

Target Audience

Voluntary and public sector organisations.

What We Do

We provide training and advice on using the public sector equality duty (‘the equality duty’) as an approach to mainstreaming anti-sectarianism. We use the four step approach set out in our case study, which you can download below.

This case study, and the accompanying training and advice, is intended for any organisation looking to mainstream anti-sectarianism, including those who are not subject to the equality duty. It is also relevant to any organisation looking for training on mainstreaming equality more generally.

If your organisation is interested in training or advice in relation to any of the above, please get in touch. WSREC is currently funded to provide this so there will be no cost to your organisation.

Our training is typically provided in half-day sessions (but this is flexible) and can take place at your organisation’s base, at WSREC or online.

Our training is discussion based, central to which is the opportunity for participants to contextualise the content in terms of their area of work, geographical location and specific job role.

In addition to providing training for staff teams, we can provide guidance if your organisation is looking to deliver the training itself.

Following any training, we remain available to provide additional advice if your organisation is looking for guidance when using this approach in practice.

We are keen to hear about any work that your organisation does in relation to mainstreaming anti-sectarianism so that, with your permission, it can be shared with other organisations and sectors to increase the exchange of knowledge and learning.

Finally, we welcome ongoing feedback on your experience of using our case study.

EMAS Case Study.pdf

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Further Information

For further information, please contact