Cook, Grow, and Sew: Branching out is WSREC’s environmental project supporting minority ethnic communities across Glasgow, Renfrewshire and North Lanarkshire to tackle climate change.  To do this we empower participants through activities, workshops and events to gain the tools needed to live a low carbon lifestyle.

Main Aims of Projects

  • Giving all our participants the knowledge and skills to reduce their carbon footprint

  • Reduce Carbon Emissions by 9 tonnes of CO2 within ME communities, over two years

  • Support continued life style changes towards a zero carbon lifestyle

  • Communities and individuals have the skills to reduce their carbon footprint

  • Individuals are empowered to adopt a low carbon lifestyle and are sharing what they have learned with friends, family and their community

  • Empowering communities to take ownership of the changes they make and the measures they implement to tackle climate change

Target Communities

Focused in Glasgow, launching services in North Lanarkshire and Renfrewshire. Active engagement will be aimed at not previously engaged minority ethnic communities across all ages. Over 12 months, Cook Grow Sew and Change will provide equal opportunities through community integration, intercultural and intergenerational dialogue, whilst taking positive steps to reduce carbon emissions, leaving a legacy of long term behaviour change.

What We Do

Energy efficiency

one to ones, home visits, energy surgeries and workshops to help cut your energy bills and be more energy efficiently. This cuts your carbon footprint by reducing your carbon emissions.

Reducing food waste

We hold workshops and cooking sessions to help you reduce food waste and to find creative ways to use leftovers. Join in for hints, tips and advice on how to buy local and seasonal produce and reduce your food waste and your food bills.

Growing your own food

One of the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint when it comes to sourcing food is to cut out the middle man and grow your own fruit and vegetables at home. We have a home growers project which supports the creating an edible garden at home. If you don’t have garden space at home we have a planter program based at WSREC. We also do partnership gardens and so much more.


In Scotland our biggest issue when it comes to Co2 is transport and their emissions. Help do your bit to cut this by taking part in our Eco Driving, which helps all drivers to utilise eco-friendly driving practices. This helps you save money on your car running costs while also cutting your carbon footprint.

Up cycling and refurbishing old items

Around 350,000 tonnes of clothes are sent to landfill every year and many of these can either be reused, recycled, up-cycled or repaired. Our project runs sewing sessions for all levels and abilities, knitting bees, swap shops and fashion shows.

So to give your clothes and maybe your home a new lease of life why not pop along.

Funded By

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Project Staff

Linsay Taylor
Linsay TaylorProject Co-ordinator
Maymoona Awan
Maymoona AwanActivities & Engagement Officer
Ian Gallagher
Ian GallagherProject Support Worker
Faisal Mohammed
Faisal MohammedOutreach and Activities Assistant
Janet Woodburn
Janet WoodburnCommunity Gardener
Shabana Ali
Shabana AliProject Support Worker
Ghazala Ansar
Ghazala AnsarProject Support Worker

Twinned Board Member

Sharon Schlesinger
Sharon Schlesinger