We provide training and consultancy in relation to mainstreaming anti-sectarianism in equalities.

Main Aims of Project

The project aims to:

  • Increase and improve resources for tackling sectarianism;

  • Increase awareness and understanding of sectarianism and its effects;

  • Increase understanding of the effectiveness of different interventions.

Target Audience

Local, public and third sector organisations.

What We Do

We work with organisations to identify opportunities and overcome barriers in relation to mainstreaming anti-sectarianism by providing advice, support and/or training specific to the context and practice of each participating organisation.

This builds on the work of the ‘Mainstreaming Anti-Sectarianism in Equalities’ toolkit, developed in collaboration with Glasgow Women’s Library (GWL), which considers the challenges and potential for mainstreaming anti-sectarianism work into wider equalities frameworks – a key recommendation of the review of implementation led by Dr Morrow in 2017.

Whether providing second-tier advice or directly delivering training, our input facilitates and promotes education and discussion on the following:

  • key developments in tackling sectarianism in the broader context of developments in hate crime and equality;

  • key concepts in mainstreaming anti-sectarianism;

  • where this work fits into the frameworks for hate crime and equality – i.e. in terms of race and religion;

  • a suggested approach to mainstreaming anti-sectarianism in equalities, to complement the existing frameworks for hate crime and equality –incorporating developments and learning since the toolkit was published.

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Further Information

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