Are you looking for a new challenge? #PSYV Glasgow is pleased to announce we are currently recruiting with adult volunteer places available for our Glasgow North and Glasgow East groups! Both our groups are established and fully operational supported by an amazing team!

The Police Scotland Youth Volunteers (PSYV) programme aims to strengthen the relationship with the Police and young people, breaking down barriers and promoting positive role models.
Police Scotland Youth Volunteers promotes a practical way for young people to understand policing by supporting the Police in their local area through volunteering. As part of this, young people are given a chance for their voice to be heard and encouraged to promote good citizenship.

The programme is open to all young people aged between 13 – 17, this allows those people to get an insight into policing in Scotland and inspire individuals to participate positively within their communities. Adult volunteers assist in all aspects of the programme delivery and are a vital part of the PSYV team.

Each PSYV group is coordinated by a Police Officer. On most cases the officer will carry out this role secondary to their full time position which can vary from School Based Officer to Community Officer / Community Safety.

The coordinator is supported by a team of Adult Volunteers who come from all walks of life. Over Scotland we have adult volunteers who are teachers, Special Constable’s, support workers, Veterinary Assistants, Communication workers… the list is too big to complete.

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Adult Volunteers

If you an interest in becoming an Adult Volunteer, you can find out more info if you visit our PSYV Recruitment page.