Roma Youth Project (RYP) has increased skills and built capacity for Roma young people in education and self development. Delivery of activities has included volunteer support within schools, after school  homework clubs, mentoring and working alongside parents. The project has also raised awareness of the needs of the Roma community through continued representation both at strategic and grass root level.

Main Aims of Project

We support young people do to homework, support them to engage in activities such as International Roma Day. In schools, we support young people to improve their attendance and get more confidence. We also want to prove that Roma people can have the same chances in life. We want them to learn that they can live in world without discrimination. We want Roma young people to be positive about their future and to believe in their abilities.

Target Communities

We work with young Roma people from Central European countries of origin across the West of Scotland, however most of our work is based in Govanhill, Glasgow.

Some of our work

RYP’s own online newspaper Govanhill Voice  launched in August 2014, to give a global voice for the people of Govanhill and show the diversity of Govanhill. Since then we have produced 25 articles, so about two per month and uploaded 218 supporting images, that’s 8 images per article on average. The 5 most popular pieces in the last year were: ‘Good food in Govanhill Baths with Donna Borokinni’ with impressive 507 views! followed by ‘Milk Cafe, a new social enterprise on Victoria Road’  (313 views), ‘Roma communities around the world: Brazil’ (313 views), ‘Join us to celebrate International Roma Day Glasgow 2015!’ (292 views) and ‘Jim Monaghan: Living, working and building a better community’ (255 views), overall 1682 views just for those 5!

Overall so far, Govanhill Voice had 4758 views in total with 2736 visitors for the overwhelming majority of the visitors were from the UK.  The 7 most popular countries following UK were: USA, Brazil, Botswana, Slovakia, Italy, Canada and Germany. Overall we reached people from 47 different countries, some as exotic as Mauritius, Aruba or Bahamas!

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