Federica is from Italy and moved to Glasgow in October 2015.

Her husband had secured work but, whilst she was looking, she was having little success.

She was studying English at the Glasgow ESOL Forum, when she found out about MEETS work and decided to register.

She did training in CV Development and Interview Preparation and was assigned an Employment Advisor. In appointments together they made changes to her CV and worked to improve her self-confidence. She felt that her language was a real barrier and whilst she had plenty of skills and experience she was not confident in her abilities to get a job for this reason.

She stated that MEETS gave her the opportunity to improve her English and practice different employability activities through training and appointments with her Advisor. She improved her skills and practiced interview questions. She felt that this kind of support was really important because the process is different in her country and she found the advice useful.

She was successful in getting a job interview and then in securing a position as a waitress.

After doing training with MEETS, she prepared for her interview by writing down the questions that they may ask and her answers. She then had another appointment with her Advisor to practice and get advice on the interview process for a group interview. She states that her experiences at MEETS were positive and helped her to get the job.

She feels that the work we did together changed her and her approach with people, which is important for her job as a waitress where she speaks to people all day long. Initially she felt shy and not confident in her ability to get a job where she would be communicating with customers. MEETS helped her to believe in herself and feel like she could give it a go. This was her major barrier – she always felt that she was not being herself because she was limited by language. She now feels that she has learnt to be confident in her own ability and to not be afraid to make mistakes.

Even though she has got a job she hopes she can have a continued relationship with MEETS and continue to gain career advice and access our training and support.