West of Scotland Regional Equality Council (WSREC) was set up as Glasgow Community Relations Council in 1971 to represent the many needs of our diverse minority ethnic communities. In the beginning, our services focused on casework, advocacy, and advice through racial discrimination across all sectors, however over the years we have evolved our services to increase equal opportunities, expanding to other areas of service provision. Our current delivery champions equalities for all those who fall under the 9 protected characteristics (as outlined in the Equality Act 2010) and intersectionality.

  • Age

  • Disability

  • Gender Reassignment

  • Marriage & Civil Partnership

  • Pregnancy & Maternity

  • Race

  • Religion or Belief

  • Sex

  • Sexual Orientation

What we do

Working across 12 local authorities in the West of Scotland, we are now one of the largest and most well-established Regional Equality Councils in Scotland. Our delivery is a combination of grassroot support, mainstream equalities within the Public and Private sectors, and also being part of strategic targets that ensure a fair and equal society in Scotland. In 2020, we revised our vision and aims as a natural transition towards advocating for basic necessities for disadvantaged groups, including human rights and entitlements plus the need to play an active role in society.

As we celebrate 50 years of championing equalities, we are aware that our work is needed now more than ever due to the current pandemic and the ongoing concerns of the disparities that minority ethnic face. This means we will endeavour to provide a wide range of issues affecting people within the West of Scotland such as:

We would like to thank our Board and staff for their ongoing commitment, our funders for enabling us to offer much-needed services, our partners who assist in the best outcomes, and our service users who continue to provide insight and direction of where we need to concentrate our efforts.

WSREC Annual Report 2020-21

Our Vision

Our new vision is:

An equal and human rights-based society, where everyone is valued and can take an active role.

Our Mission Statement

We are working with communities across all equality strands. We develop and deliver community led responses to eliminate discrimination, attain rights and remove barriers to build a fair and just society

Organisational Aims & Objectives


  • Work towards the elimination of discrimination in all of its forms in the West of Scotland
  • Reduce inequality and promote a culture of human rights
  • Promote good community relations, between all people of all communities
  • Provide training towards the elimination of discrimination in all its operation

What Are Human Rights?

“Human rights are the basic rights and freedoms that belong to every person in the world, from birth until death. They apply regardless of where you are from, what you believe or how you choose to live your life.”

– Equality and Human Rights Commission